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Educational Enrichment

Educational Opportunities for All Ages.

Please help us share the beauty of sacred Judaic music with students of all ages. Dr. Rothstein’s educational presentations feature audio visual materials, and lots of lively discussion. We have presented the Judaic Symphony No. 1 (Days of Awe) in person and via Zoom in Los Angeles and beyond.

Please consider a presentation as part of an age appropriate classroom presentation, private gathering, havarah event, part of an educational series, or as an element in your donor benefit program.

How To Host An Event
The presentations are free of charge, however donations to preserve and share sacred music are welcome. To host an event, schedule a presentation, or get more information about the Judaic Sacred Music Foundation, please contact Director of Development Jerry Krautman at JKrautman@judaicsacredmusicfoundation.org or (310) 738-2192. 


Adult Students
Zoom or in-person with multi-media, 45 to 90 minutes

Presentations include:

  • What is Judaic music.
  • Overview of the composing and orchestrating process.
  • Presentation of Symphony No. 1 Judaica (Days of Awe) Video, audio, and live discussion.

Venue Opportunities

  • Online Zoom Presentations, any number of people, Lecture format
  • Intimate Small Gatherings, up ten people*  A one-on-one experience.
  • Medium Size Presentations, 10 to 25 people* Classroom format
  • Large Presentations, 25 people and over*  Lecture experience

*Large HTMI enabled video screen and piano in the same room, in some  cases we can arrange for a keyboard and/or view screen to be available.

Middle School and High School Age Students
Zoom or in-person with multi-media, 30 to 60 minutes

Presentations include: 

  • Engage: Play short video of Bratislava recording session.
  • Introduction of Dr. Rothstein.
  • Music discussion with students: Have they attended a live classical concert before?
  • What is a symphony?
  • Brief history; Music listening demonstrations
  • Famous Jewish composers; Q&A Session
  • Introduce melodies of the High Holy Days
  • Piano demo with video, Meaning of the prayers
  • Selections from Symphony No. 1: JUDAICA (Days of Awe)
  • How is a Jewish symphony put together?
  • Follow Up: All participants are invited to send a short critique of the presentation (written or video) and to answer this question: What did you learn today?  Student answers will be posted on our website!